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Astrology : The Theortical Time Travel

Evolution of astrology is old as long as the human civilsation. Among the seven saint, Saint Bhrigu practised the astrology as per the hindu mythology. Later,  Maharsi Parashara developed the Kundali System of prediction the past , present and future. What is birth chart or kundali? Earth is divided into 12 section and each is section represents certain rashi  and house in Kundali. At birth time, all the planets in the sky are mapped within the 12 sections in kundali which represents the person. Simply you can say a person is encoded with the representation of celestial bodies.

You might have question how kundali system can map a person? Well, everyone views their pictures, images in a computer. In reality, there is no image in your in hard disk . Your image is encoded in the form of either 1's and 0's. Finaly what you see is your image in computer. Like this the person can be mapped using celestial bodies in Kundali  with the reference of birth date and exact time. There are 12 signs, 12 house, 9 planets, 27 nakshetras and 4 padas , altogether 64 references points are used to map a person when he is born. You can simply say you are being encoded with 64 reference points.

What are the things you can find with your birth chart? Birth chart of a person can reveal the true side of a person. It can reveal the purpose of your birth, why you are here, your abilities, educations,  love life, martial life, which one favours you job or business, professional life, foreign travel and many more. Astrology has many dasa systems. Dasa means time span in astrology. Best dasa system is Vishmohatri dasa System which can predict how you are going to react with time and what you are likely to do at that time.

Does Kundali System have accuracy? As you know Kundali System is practiced from the long time and it is very vast subject.  Person with good analytical, reasoning and debating capabilities can predict with some accuracy. Accuracy depends upon how long a person is practicing the astrology.

Vishmohatri Dasa System  Starts with the lord of birth star (Moon Sign means your Rashi) or Birth Nakhestra Lord.  Moon is your mind. Your mind being taken as a reference while predicting this dasa system. At  each dasa what you are likely to do and what would be the results can be predicted.  Dasa has Maha dasa and Antar dasa. Every planets has their rulling time span. At time span represented by the maha dasa and antardasa, certains events are likely to be predicted. For example, at maha dasa of moon and antar dasa of venus (Moon Venus),  Male person is likely to get married, has comfortable life, good love life. At dasa of Sun and planets of 10th House or Lord, you are likely to get Government job if and only if you have a yog of Government Job. If your 5th house is weak, and its lord placement is bad then you are likely to be delayed or may face obstacles or may have backlogs in your bachelors degree.


State of mind changes with the moon travels from one nakhestra to another. You may feel sad now but after 24 hours, may feel happy. Its because of moon resides in one Nakhestra for nearly for 24 hours and after 24 hours moon travels into another Nakhestra. Ups and downs in your mind is represented by the consequences of the travels of moon. Everyone follows “your rashi” predictions in newspaper, which is based on Transits of Moon.


Er. Manoj Pokharel